The June Challenge - Write A Thousand Words A Day

I spent most of May looking up ways to market my book and obsessively checking my sales figures on Amazon. Although the research I did will probably pay off in the long term, I do not want to spend the next month following a similar pattern as I have quite a few projects I am working on. Here is a list of what I am working on at the moment:

1. I have written around 18,000 words of a skeleton draft of the first book of a science fiction trilogy I am writing.
2. I have put down 1,500 words of a crime short story set in London that introduces a team of crime-fighters that will becoming an ongoing series involving short stories, novellas and novels.
3. I have sketched an outline for three political essays I have been working on for the last year or so.

The great thing about e-publishing is that I get to set my own deadlines and can be as prolific as I want. The downside, though, is that this means I need to try and shift my mentality and try and write on a far more regular basis.

Therefore I am setting myself the challenge of writing 1,000 words a day for the month of June. I am choosing to blog about it for two reasons:

1. By blogging about it rather than just making a note about this plan in a diary, there is a greater degree of accountability that will motivate to meet this target.
2. By writing weekly about my attempts to match this goal, it will inspire other writers to do similar things. We are in the midst of some unprecedented upheavals that are taking place in the publishing industry. I suspect that prolific writers who are able to sustain a high quality of writing will be able to do very well for themselves over the coming decade.

Disclaimer: I am in no way suggesting that simply by churning out X amount of words a day I am guaranteed to end up with consistently great writing. But I would rather be in a situation at the end of the month where I keep 10,000 of 30,000 words than writing a few thousands words that I do relatively little with (which is the case for this month).

I will also try to blog more regularly and will definitely put up a weekly post to let you know how I progress with this challenge.

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  1. Hey, I like that. 1000 words a day. That's motivation. I'm gonna have to do that too.

    I'll check out your books on Kindle. I LOVE e-readers. Never thought I would.

    Shirley McCann
    Author of A Collection of Mysteries
    The Necklace