Summers Are For Writing

Traditionally, the summer witnesses the lowest book sales of the entire year. In particular, the period between the 4th of July until the end of August is extremely quiet. I have seen threads on many forums complain about a significant drop in sales, but this decline is seasonal so it should not cause too much concern.

That is why I believe that this is the perfect time of year to really push on with any writing projects that we are working on. At the moment, most marketing efforts will fall on deaf ears so why not instead utilise this time of year to do what a writer loves best: writing. Set yourself a target to reach by the first day of September and do your absolute best to reach it.

One of the biggest challenges facing 'new' authors in the e-book landscape is that we are competing against authors (whether indie or traditionally published) who have sizeable back catalogues. So we need to do our absolute best to produce works of consistent quality that captivate the collective imaginations of our audience.

I have a feeling that the advent of the e-book will reward prolific writers who are able to produce diverse and engaging works of literature. So get writing - it is easy to get lost in the endless sprawl of marketing advice, but it is important to remind ourselves that there is nothing more important than the actual writing process itself.

Speaking of which, I will be unveiling a couple of exciting new projects over the next couple of days. Stay tuned for more information...

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